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Company Profile

UCL Aeronautics & Commerce UG  is a financial-services provider for small, mid-sized, and high-capital companies. Working with an experienced network of investors enables us to raise capital focused on discovering undervalued and promising-growth companies already listed—or interested in being listed—on a worldwide exchange.


Our international network of experts allows UCL Aeronautics & Commerce UG to support our client companies with the goal of increasing their recognition, as well as their market capitalization and liquidity, in worldwide capital markets.


Our financing strength comes from engaging with private investors, investment banks, hedge funds, private-equity funds, as well as with venture capital. And working with an extensive international network of brokers, market makers, risk managers, and financing platforms further contribute to our ability to serve our clientele’s individualized needs.


UCL Aeronautics & Commerce UG  also provides a suite of sophisticated services and strategies for assisting companies through our expertise in project development and project management.


Our family-run company can look back on a long tradition of innovation, diligence, and success. We are particularly proud of our outstanding customer service. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied and will work hard to meet that goal every time.


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